A Hope & a future
Help Ukraine

Trouble has come to our country, and today many people who are at war in cities and villages need help. Therefore, we have intensified our efforts to attract help to all those who need it, and from today this activity will be covered on this alternative page of our foundation.

We distribute all the help that comes to Ukraine through us in cooperation with volunteer groups that directly visit people who need help.


President of the Charity Foundation "A Hope and a Future"

Dmytro Kozhukhar.

Residents of towns and villages in the war zone and in the territories liberated from the occupiers first of all need:

⁃ in food

⁃ medications

⁃ personal hygiene items

⁃ diapers and baby food

To transport humanitarian aid from the territories of foreign countries that provide it and send it to the target regions, we need funds to pay for transport and fuel.

Funds are also needed to purchase medicines.

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